Here's a list of some interviews and guest posts I've done:

DIYMFA - June 2012, article w/ Taryn Albright on capturing a teen voice.
Sophia Chang - April 2012, a day in the life.
Brooke Busse - March 2012, 21 Minus interview.
Go Teen Writers - February 2012, interview.
Teens Can Write Too - February 2012, focus on the PUSH Novel Contest
Leigh Covington - December 2011, interview.
Mother. Write. (Repeat.) - September 2011, an interview with me and my agent (Edward Necarsulmer IV).
Forever Rewrighting - August 2011, an interview with me and Taryn about Teen Eyes.
Throwing Up Words - February 2011, guest post on being a young writer.
Query Tracker - September 2010, guest post on
Salt Lake Tribune - June 2010, article in the Salt Lake Tribune.