Monday, March 25, 2013

There's tape on my shoe

Is there an award for the worst blogger in the history of the universe? If so, I should win it. I've been neglecting this site big-time, but there are reasons, and life is crazy, and I am crazy, so it's all good :).

Some things have happened in 2013:

-I'm revising a new book! I love it so much. I love the characters, and the storyline, and pretty much everything else (yes, I am in that book-honeymoon phase where it's all shiny and new). My CPs (Liesl, Kristen, Courtney, Chersti, Celesta, and Melanie) gave me lots of notes, and my agent gave me lots of notes, and then I wallowed in misery because I thought the book sucked and I should just eat ice cream for the rest of my life and give up. But then I contemplated, and contemplated some more, and I realized their notes were absolutely spot-on. I know exactly how to fix the story now, and it's so much better! Yay. Revisions are awesome! (Except when they're not. Which is most of the time. But everything is awesome in the book-honeymoon phase.) So I'm going to finish that up, and then it's time for submission to editors.

-I'm going to India for the summer to study Hindi.

-A friend of mine is very sick. It's a hard time for her, and a sad time. Sometimes the moroseness of the situation creeps in and I just can't bring myself to work.

-School. Lots of school.

-Painted some fingernails.

-Watched Land Before Time.

-Built a snowman.

-Did handstands in weird places.

-My friend saved someone's life with mouth-to-mouth. The police officers told her she was a hero. She told them she wanted to go back to bed. Priorities.

-Met my long-lost twin.

-Bought a bikini in January, just to rebel against Utah weather.

-Met people. Liked people. Loved people. Best part, right?