Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why we don't abort our editors: words of wisdom from your resident freelancers

So today, this text-message conversation transpired between Taryn and I:

Taryn: Yay! Also I started writing again. It's so wonderful! Hahahaha.

Kate: Ah, writing...we had a brief tryst back in January, until revisions, the jealous husband, came storming in and took over my life once again.

Taryn: Exactly. I am a fan of divorce in such cases, but what do you do with the kids/interested editors? Luckily, I had none ;).

Kate: Too bad we're both pregnant with editors, and will thus soon have to deal with such things....wow this metaphor is getting disturbing.

Taryn: Yeah we're too young for it.

Kate: Maybe. But I wouldn't object to having an editor....

Taryn: Well let's make a pact -- no abortions.

Kate: Yes, I feel like aborting our editors would put a damper on our potential careers.

Taryn: Okay this has been sufficiently awesome.

Words of wisdom, to be sure. Someday all of you will thank Taryn and I for providing such insightful advice: when attempting to publish a novel, it's always best to avoid aborting your editor.


  1. LOL.. that was great, thanks for making me laugh first thing in the morning :)

  2. Wow. Pregnant with editors you say?

  3. You totally left off the best part. About adoption.

  4. Absolutely invaluable advice! Hahaha...

  5. Don't you just love analogies? ;)

    I've left you an award at my blog: http://brookerbusse.blogspot.com/2012/05/paper-mountain-awards-1.html

  6. Too funny. Love the silly analogies. Now if only I could join in... Eventually....eventually I will have an agent.... *looks at revisions* sighhh.