Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, those high school dances!!!

Well fellow bloggers, today's the day! Today, we celebrate the oh-so-wonderful memories and scandals of our high school dances. I loved high school, and dances were no exception. I don't have pictures from all the dances I attended, but I included a few from each school year, culminating in a rather amusing anecdote that occurred at my senior prom. I can't wait to hop around and read all about everyone else's experiences!

Freshman Year

'80's dance! I'm second from the right in the silk boxer shorts :).

Sophomore Year

Masquerade Ball! Red and gold themed, if you couldn't tell....this one was a blast!

MORP 2009....neon colors this time around.

Junior Year

Vegas, baby! I wore a black sequined mini dress that I absolutely loved, but Francesca stole it back :(. 

Senior Year

Homecoming with matching black dresses.

And finally, senior prom. Prom was absolutely fantastic. I went with my good friend John in a big group of friends, and we had loads of fun. The day started out with a game of soccer/football/gymnastics (yes, we managed to combine all three). Guys tend to get really invested in sports, which resulted in some rather amusing pictures, such as the one below (enlarged so you can admire their expressions):

And then came the dance part! Yay! The girls got ready at Chloe's house, then drove up to Kassandra's for pictures. I'm in the top row, third from the left, wearing a purple dress with a necklace.

And of course, no dance is complete without funny photos. This one stems from the reality TV show John and Kate Plus 8, in which a married couple (John and Kate) talk about raising their eight children. John and I played our respective roles as the mother and father of the family, while Chloe, Christian, Chris, Ridley, Kelsey, Ali, Eric, and Kalika posed as our eight children (don't ask me how we managed to produce two Asians...John and I are just talented like that). 

And the group photo (note Kelsey's date is a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber):

And now comes the story. For some unknown (yet ultimately advantageous) reason, my friend Katie decided to wear a dress that zips all the way down the front. I personally would never have the courage to wear such a dress, because even I (as a totally straight female) could barely resist the urge to unzip it, just for kicks. But more power to her. Anyways, the only picture I could find of said dress is a picture of me starting to unzip it. Hey, we were hyped up on sugar. Don't judge. 

So we get to the restaurant, which is this fancy Japanese place where the waiters fry the food on the table right in front of you. Various shenanigans ensued, while Justin Bieber hung out like a creeper in the background:

So Katie's being Katie, which is a rather dangerous endeavor when your table doubles as a red-hot grill. Chopsticks up her nose isn't the worst of what transpired during the long wait for our food. Finally, the soup arrived. It was salty and delicious and oniony and very, very hot. Two minutes into the first course, Katie managed to dump an entire bowl of soup into her lap. 

I'm pretty sure someone shouted "OH SHIT" at that moment, because everybody in the vicinity turned to stare at us. Ella and I rushed Katie into the ladies room, while she managed to simultaneously laugh and cry as the soup burned her thighs. I grabbed the zipper and un-zipped the dress all the way down. (Not going to lie, it was really satisfying.) There were these huge red marks all over her legs. Ella ran to get water, while I crouched down, using the two sides of the dress to basically fan Katie's crotch in an attempt to cool the burns. 

At that moment a pair of old ladies walked in. It was possibly the most awkward encounter I've ever experienced...Katie's standing there in her underwear, dress hanging open, while I fervently use the pieces of her dismantled garment to waft cool air across the burns. They stared at us for a second, before the first lady spoke.

Her: "I...well, are we interrupting something?"

Me: .........

Ella: .........

Katie: *giggles/hiccups/cries*

Her: "Oookkkaaayyyy.....I guess we'll come back later."

So they left, and pretty quickly, I might add. We got Katie cleaned up and rinsed the dress out as best we could, before returning to our dinner table in time for the main course. All in all, a successful prom experience. 

So the moral of this story is (there always has to be a moral), zip-down dresses might be dangerous, but they can also come in quite handy if you happen to dump soup in your lap. 


  1. Love the pictures!! They totally remind me of my high school dances :) And bahaha...that story is hilarious! Those poor, poor old women lol. Oh, and poor Katie, of course.

  2. This was so funny, I had tears in my eyes. I love all the pics of your friends, and the guys playing sports, and even the Justin Bieger cut out. Very fun post!

  3. That is beyond hilarious! I totally want a dress like that :)

  4. Great story. And you are so adorable, Kate.

  5. My thighs hurt just THINKING about that! Ouch!

    You look great, BTW!

  6. Poor Katie! I think I'll stay away from zip up dresses though.

    And what the heck did those ladies think they were interrupting?

  7. Funniest story yet! "Are we interrupting something?"

    You look like you had a fun group of friends. Nothing ruins a good dance like someone who thinks that everyone must act a decade older than they are ;) It doesn't look like you had any of those around.

  8. Look at all those memories! This is the type of prom that people see on TV and expect to have happen in their own lives. Minus the soup in the lap, of course. :)

  9. I love that most of your pictures are with your girlfriends. It looks like so much fun! I love it.

  10. I love all the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  11. Oh my, what a funny story. Poor thing. Love that you guys always went in a group. So fun.

  12. Oh, love the pictures. AND OUCH! That sounds so painful. I'm glad she made it through with what sounds like few scars...physical anyway. ;-)

  13. How fun to go with such a large group of friends. And I'm still thinking I've had a boring teen life.

  14. LOL! Those pictures are hilarious! Loving the straws coming out the nose! And I love the costumes for Morp and stuff! Those kind of dances are the best. You're freaking gorgeous!!!

  15. First. Your group of friends TOTALLY reminds me of mine. How fun are you guys??

    Second, that story is frickin' hilarious! Oh my gosh that poor girl. At least you all look unbelievably hot. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Hahahahaha I could just imagine the shock in those old ladies' faces. The soup burn sound painful, though.

  17. That does sound like an awesome night!

  18. LOL, this was a great story - thanks for sharing :)

  19. This is hilarious! It definitely needs to work its way into one of your novels in the future. So funny!!!

  20. Wow! I can't believe how young everyone looked. I feel old...

  21. Holy cow, that is hilarious!!! I loved looking at all ya'lls photos. Chopsticks up the nose...thank goodness she wasn't bumped!

  22. another youngin =)
    love to see a big group of friends go to prom! save the drama for college or later!

    cute pics!

  23. I love the pictures! And that is a hilarious story! I hope she wasn't in pain all night!