Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New website - plus a 10th grade haiku

Teen Eyes has a new website! You can check it out here:

So back when I was in 10th grade AP American History, my best friend and I would sit together and giggle and pass notes throughout the class. By March our teacher was sick of us. She decided to make up a seating chart, effectively separating my friend and I, so in protest we decided to write a haiku. The haiku remained on her whiteboard for several weeks. It's pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself:

I like where I sit.
I do not want to move now.
Please don't make me move.

And to make it more legit, behold:

I'm getting back to regular, writing-related posts tomorrow. Can't wait to catch up on all you guys' blogs!


  1. I'm very impressed by what you guys are doing. You're well on your way to greatness. Keep up the awesomeness! :)

  2. LOL. That haiku rocks! Very fun.

  3. U r sew kewl. we shud b bffl.

    i wrote a haiku
    all about our awesomeness
    but then it ended

  4. Love the website. (You have some rockin' testimonials from way amazing authors.) :) And I love the haiku.

  5. ROFL Kate! You are so funny :) The haiku was hilarious and hurray for Teen Eyes! The site looks great!

  6. You are too funny. Love the Teen Eyes site too. :)

  7. New follower here. :) That haiku is hilarious! Love it.

  8. Hey girl - I left you an award on my blog today! Come check it out :)