Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The other day, Randy Lindsay gave me the Liebster Award on his blog. Thanks so much, Randy! This award has made the rounds and I'm pretty sure many of you have received it, so hopefully I'm not re-gifting it to anyone.

Here are my five Liebster choices - blogs with under 200 followers:

1. Abby over at Something to Write About, whose blog is just absolutely fantastic.
2. Tina over at Tina Moss's Blog.
3. Mary over at Waibel's World.
4. Jenny over at Jenny's Imaginary World.
5. Linda over at Wistfully Linda.

You guys are all awesome! When you get a chance, go check out their blogs.

Next, Abby presented me with the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks so much, Abby! The award stipulates I must share seven things about myself with all y'all, so here it goes (I don't think my answers are nearly as good as Abby's):

1. When I was little, people used to mistake me for a boy.
2. I obsessively fold triangles out of tape. Last year I TA-ed for one of my English teachers, Ms. Thompson. She had to keep her tape away from me because I would fold triangles without even thinking about it.
3. I wish I could still do competitive gymnastics. 
4. In 9th grade, my soccer team was staying in a hotel for an out-of-state tournament. We snuck into the outdoor pool at one in the morning for a late-night swim. I hoisted myself out of the water, and my too-big swim shorts came off (and yes, I was wearing a bathing suit underneath). Because it was dark we couldn't find my shorts, and in the morning they were gone. We never found them.
5. I want to go back to Africa more than anything.
6. I don't like people knowing about my writing, and I hate talking about writing with people who aren't writers themselves. There are so many stereotypes surrounding writers and I hate how people assume things about me simply because I like to make up stories.
7. I have a fear of smelling bad.

So there you have it! I'd like to pass this award along to Gaylene Wilson over at {Unwritten}. She's a great blogger and you should definitely go stalk her!

That's all for today!


  1. Thank you so much for the award, Kate! :D I'm honored you thought of me.

    Haha I totally looked like a boy when I was little, too! I had super short hair. It's so cool that you've been to Africa, and I hope you get to go back soon!

  2. Thanks for the award!

    I know I went through a boy stage. My hair didn't grow very fast. I would love to go to Africa, I bet it was awesome.

  3. LOL.Your comments about yourself crack me up. The tape thing makes me laugh. I love gymnastics too. I was in the best shape when I did that.

    And thanks for the LIEBSTER! You are awesome!

  4. Love #6 on your list about yourself. So true! I've learned they might ask how your novel is going, but they don't really care and they get a glazed look in their eyes if you try to tell them. And then they assume that you sit around all day doing nothing. It's easy to read so naturally it's easy to write, right?

  5. Kate, you are so sweet. Thank you for visiting my blog. The Sept. 11th post was a tough one for me, but I'm glad I told the story.

    And thank you so much for this award! I will definitely be paying it forward. ;)

  6. Thanks for the award, Kate :)
    I obsessively fold paper if it's near me and I don't have anything to do.

  7. Thanks for the award, Kate! I enjoyed learning more about you. Loved the soccer/swimming incident!

  8. Congratulations on the awards and the agent! I'm excited to know about a young author doing so well in the publishing world, and I can't wait to read your books!