Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So guess what? Noveltee(n) launches next week!

What is Noveltee(n), you might ask? Well, it's a collaborative blog aimed at teens who are trying to make it in the world of publishing. Contributors include me, Taryn, Mads, and Constance, and we'll be holding a big round of contests to kick-start this project. If you get a chance, head on over and check it out! The first posts should be up Monday and it's a great opportunity for teen writers to meet one another.

Noveltee(n) Blog.

Doooo it. You know you want to.

(Also, did anyone notice I posted two days in a row? That's like a record! Go me!)


  1. Haha. And here I was hoping this was a code word for that piece of news you refused to reveal in your last post ;)

  2. Aggg I know!!! I'm just trying to be professional here :). By next Monday things should be all settled and I can reveal my secret to the world (or, you know, the twenty or so people who actually care).

  3. Very cool! What a great blog idea. I'm off to check it out! And I can't wait to hear your secret news. :)

  4. @Kate
    After visiting Taryn's blog, I now know what you mean by feeling like a bad blogger. Goodness, that girl can write!

  5. Yeah, it's a little bit annoying because she makes me feel so inadequate. But I feel that, when given only a short amount of time, I would rather spend it writing my book than writing a blog post.

  6. @Emery, awww thanks! I'm sitting here thinking I'm the inadequate one. My obsessive blogging has a lot to do with my lack of college hw (I ended up with all the easy professors and gen ed requirements this semester).

    Kate, thanks for spreading the word!

  7. Way to go! This is a great idea you guys have going.