Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, I've been meaning to start doing contests for a while now, but I never quite got around to it until this weekend. Without further ado, here is what you can win:

A. A copy of Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher. This is the first book in a series, and Taylor Lautner from Twilight is set to play the lead in the movie version when it comes out. I bought Incarceron at The King's English (I know that's not particularly relevant, but I think it's always good to support independent book stores).

B. A ten page critique by yours truly. I know I have absolutely no credentials when it comes to critiquing, but I thought this might be a nice prize for some of the younger followers on this blog (I think there's a fair number of you). Also, it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes :).

So, how do you enter?


~You must be a follower.
~You get one entry for commenting on this post (include your email address).
~You get an additional entry(s) for tweeting and/or blogging about this contest (provide a link, please).

There you go! The drawing will be open until Sunday, March 6, at which point I will randomly select two names. I don't expect to get many entries, so you might as well try!


  1. Well this sounds fun and I wish I could enter except I already got both the prizes! Ha ha.

  2. I'll blog with my next post, probably tomorrow :) In case you lost my email, it's tarynal AT hotmail DOT com.

    Glad you got a chance for this :)

  3. Sweet! I didn't miss entering! That book has a beautiful cover and I haven't heard of it before and I think Taylor is hot (is that wrong of me to admit since i'm ancient compared to him?) so I'll look forward to the movie!

    I'm a follower.

    My email is ali at alicross dot com.

    AND I'm tweeting right now!

  4. sounds cool, but I'm a bit wary of putting my email address online. Any way you could do it through blogspot accounts if I were to win?
    Peace, Love, and Olympus,

  5. Annabeth,

    That's fine. Just let me know if you blogged/tweeted, and if you win I'll just leave a comment on your most recent post.