Monday, May 31, 2010

Yet another useless post

Yes, I know. I really am abusing this blog. I promise the next post will be less self-indulgent.

Behold, a censored excerpt from the "Things We Hate" list, as created by Kate, Katie, and Chloe during a rather boring English period. For the sake of being politically correct, the title has been changed to the "Things That Annoy Us" list.

-People who chew really loudly.
-The word "hella."
-When skinny girls complain about being fat.
-Theory of Knowledge (if you are or ever were an IB student, you know what we mean).
-Doing the dishes.
-Spending all your money on gas/food, then realizing it was all you had.
-Soccer tan lines (trust me, they can get pretty ugly).
-When your hair won't fall the right way no matter what you do.
-Summer reading.
-ANY summer homework.
-Homework in general.
-Snow in May (curse you, SLC).
-Teacher's pets.
-Being expected to fill highschool stereotypes.
-Dress code.
-Men (haha).
-Glen Beck (hahahahaha).
-Narwhal poaching.
-The fact that the dinosaurs died out, because let's face it, the dinosaurs were awesome.
-The word "shoot".
-People who use the words "lol" or "omg" as part of their regular vocabulary.

Now, to counteract all that negative energy, here's a list of things that are completely and irrevocably awesome:

-Comfort food of all kinds.
-Joss Whedon/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
-Frozen yogurt.
-Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory (1500 calories per slice=heaven).
-Night swimming in the summer.
-Dress shopping, especially when your parents pay.
-Seeing how many saltine crackers you can eat in under a minute.
-Eating the frosting off cupcakes.
-Ice blocking.
-Drawing pictures on our IB Math Studies tests because we didn't know the answers.
-Doing interpretive dance as a way to answer a math problem (didn't work, by the way).
-Making fun of Mr. Marsden.
-Making fun of Ms. King.
-Making fun of Mr. Case.
-Not making fun of Ms. Thompson, because she's pregnant so we feel bad.
-Holding hands in Spanish class.

Yup. That pretty much sums it up. I feel like I should at least mention writing (after all, that's what this blog is all about) but nothing much has happened since I last posted. We leave for New York in eight days, and I'm so excited to attend the workshops at Scholastic! Chapter 33 is now complete. Just a few more to go, and then I get to enter the wonderful world of revisions. Wish me luck!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Snow, Interviews, and Narwhals

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week...just a few more days until summer! I'm liking the whole list-type blog I tried in my previous post, so I think I'll stick with it for now.

1. Snow. Today is May 24th, and it's snowing. I hate Utah.

2. Interview. I spoke with a reporter last Wednesday, and the interview should be published sometime next week in the Close Up section of the Salt Lake Tribune. Overall I thought it went rather well, although I was nervous and I think I babbled a little bit during the Q&A.

3. Chapter 31 is now complete! My manuscript should be finished by early June, and I'm planning on doing a quick round of self-editing before I send it off to my editor. I'm hoping to get it in before June 23, the date I leave for Kenya.

4. Gossip Girl is awesome.

5. Frozen yogurt is awesome.

6. Writing is awesome!

7. 15 days until I leave for New York!

8. On Friday night I went out to a movie with some friends. We chose to see MacGruber, simply because it was the only movie that started at 8:00, and we wanted to take advantage of being 17. It was horrible.

9. 6 more days of school!

10. The other day my English teacher called me shy. Five minutes later she told me I talk too much.

11. Katie and Chloe and I like to draw Narwhals on the back of our essay papers.

12. This is a really useless post. I apologize to everyone who wasted time reading it.

13. Love, Kate

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Events of the Week.

1. Frostbite. Yes, I got frostbite....reffing a soccer game, of all things. Every Saturday my friend Coco and I get up early to ref the U11/U12 girls. It was raining, and we had to hang around after the games to take down the goals and nets. My feet were soaked. When I got home, I stood in a hot shower until all the water ran out, in a fruitless attempt to thaw my frozen toes. I ended up having a day of "bed rest" to allow my frost-bitten feet to regain feeling. Still can't curl my toes all the way.

2. Horrible, horrible experience with medication for Kenya. The first night, I took two pills, as instructed, and ended up vomiting for twelve straight hours. I missed my AP Psychology test and couldn't eat all day. A few days later I tried for a second time, reducing my intake to one pill. Once again, I spent the night throwing up every half hour, then had to drag myself out of bed at seven to go to work. I'm still a little shaky. Apparently my body doesn't metabolize this particular medication very well.

3. Interview with the Salt Lake Tribune. Next week I'll be meeting with a newspaper reporter, who's doing a story in the Close Up section about my novel and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. I'm super nervous! Publicity is something entirely new for me, and I'm not exactly sure how to act, especially since they'll be taking photos. What do I wear? What do I say? How does this whole newspaper thing even work?

4. I've been in touch with my editor, Jody Corbett. I'm sending her the completed manuscript at the end of the month. I'm very excited to work with her! This is an amazing opportunity, and I'm hoping I'll be able to launch a career with this novel, or at least pay my way through the first year of college.

5. Yesterday, I went to a total of 1 class (out of 4). I know what you're thinking: Kate, you're such a slacker! Thing is, my first three classes are AP/IB, and since we've already taken all our tests most teachers don't care whether or not we show up. In the immortal words of Ms. King: "I'm not going to be here tomorrow, and I'm not getting a sub to babysit you all. If you still want to come to class, then you can go sit in Ms. Anderson's room down the hall." Instead, I went and sat as Reservoir Park with Chloe and Ella, where we proceeded to play on the playground, throw woodchips at each other, and take pictures on top of the plastic dinosaur. Most productive school day of the year so far. :)

That's all for now.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today, I got a call from the entire editorial department of Scholastic PUSH.

Yes, you heard me right. The entire editorial department of Scholastic on speakerphone.

My novel, The Hamsa's Song, has won the Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2010. I will be going to Carnegie Hall on June 9th to accept the award. In addition, I have been assigned an editor from Scholastic, who will help me polish my novel with the goal that it will acquired and published sometime in the near future. My editor's name is Jody. To learn more about the awards, you can visit this website:

Scholastic. As in, the company that published Harry Potter. As in, the largest distributor of children's books in the world.




Okay, I'm done freaking out.