Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Skittles

Sorry I haven't blogged in so long. This past month has been really busy, and it's hard to find time to keep up with all my writing obligations.

I just spent two weeks at the yourword creative writing residency in New Smyrna, Florida. There are no words to describe how this experience impacted me. I got to work with some amazing writers, both my peers and the Master Artists. Benjamin Percy headed our fiction group. He likes purple skittles (or so we speculated), knows how to present an engaging seminar, and has the deepest voice of any person I've ever heard. We had so much fun in his class, and I'm really going to miss his humorous comments and creative insight. Although they were not my main teachers, I absolutely loved working with Denise Duhamel and Beverley Donofrio. Denise was brilliant in her use of poetry to help us fiction writers develop characters. She smiled so much I'm surprised her face doesn't hurt, and she always had kind words for all participants. Bev was amazing. If you haven't read Riding in Cars with Boys (or seen the movies, for that matter) you should definitely check it out. I will be eternally grateful for her thoughtful evaluation, and also for giving me the courage to write and present a memoir piece on the final night of the program.

My time at Atlantic Center for the Arts has taught me many things, but I am most grateful for the friends I made, friends who I'm sure I'll be in touch with many years from now. Caroline, Kim, and especially Kita, you guys made this trip for me. I love you so much! Can't wait for y'all to fly to Utah. Sundance 2011 baby!!!

Anyways, that's about all I can think of for this post without becoming incredibly redundant. Below are some pictures. Aren't writerly people just awesome? :)

Kita and I before the final public reading


Kita and I in the ocean


Me and Kim

Kita Kate Kim

Haha. Love this one.

Me, Caroline, and Zac Effron

Kita and I in the library

Me, Kita, and Caroline


  1. Awesome! Glad you're home and that you've had such an amazing summer. YAY for you!

    Will you be sharing your memoir on your blog? Or is it too private? I'd love to read it some day ...

  2. Thanks Ali!!!! It was a really great summer.

    I won't post my memoir to my blog, not necessarily because it's private but because I don't want people to think I'm looking for pity/sympathy. If you still want to read it, just send me an email :)

  3. I love this, Kate. When you become famous at leas ill be able to say i knew you :)
    I also love that I took most of those photos!
    My hair and my photos right?

  4. Hahaha I doubt I'll become famous :)
    Your photos your hair!