Monday, May 24, 2010

Snow, Interviews, and Narwhals

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week...just a few more days until summer! I'm liking the whole list-type blog I tried in my previous post, so I think I'll stick with it for now.

1. Snow. Today is May 24th, and it's snowing. I hate Utah.

2. Interview. I spoke with a reporter last Wednesday, and the interview should be published sometime next week in the Close Up section of the Salt Lake Tribune. Overall I thought it went rather well, although I was nervous and I think I babbled a little bit during the Q&A.

3. Chapter 31 is now complete! My manuscript should be finished by early June, and I'm planning on doing a quick round of self-editing before I send it off to my editor. I'm hoping to get it in before June 23, the date I leave for Kenya.

4. Gossip Girl is awesome.

5. Frozen yogurt is awesome.

6. Writing is awesome!

7. 15 days until I leave for New York!

8. On Friday night I went out to a movie with some friends. We chose to see MacGruber, simply because it was the only movie that started at 8:00, and we wanted to take advantage of being 17. It was horrible.

9. 6 more days of school!

10. The other day my English teacher called me shy. Five minutes later she told me I talk too much.

11. Katie and Chloe and I like to draw Narwhals on the back of our essay papers.

12. This is a really useless post. I apologize to everyone who wasted time reading it.

13. Love, Kate


  1. Haha! I'm so sorry about the snow! But I just had to laugh when I read that. I almost asked you once about the weather where you live (great topic, right?), but I decided against it because, hey, it's May, almost June. The whole US is warm by now.
    Or not.
    Don't feel too bad. Last year it rained on Christmas where I live. RAINED. At least the weather isn't ruining some holiday for you.

    Here's a question! Do you have an average length for your chapters, or are they all over the place (length-wise)? I've always been aware of authors and their chapter lengths. Stephanie Meyer (I am a pre-fad twilight fan. And a post-fad twilight...mixed-reviewer. Long story) writes ridiculously long chapters. James Patterson in his Maximum Ride novels has a few pages long chapters. My chapters mutate into longer chapters as the book goes on. Just weird records I keep note of.

    Note: New York is awesome! I went there in early April with my choir for four days, and it was a blast! A sleep-deprived, foot-numbing blast, but a blast nonetheless. Are you going there for something to do with your book? How long are you there for? If you have the chance, you should visit St. Paul's Chapel. It is a church right next to(seriously, across the street from) where the World Trade Center was. It was a safehold for policemen and firefighters in the days after 9/11. All the pews inside were dented, with paint scraped off, from the firefighter's equipment as they slept on them. They have multiple stations of pictures, quotes, day-to-day history, and artifacts from the 9/11 cleanup. It was the most emotional place I've ever been to aside from Auschwitz. If you're wondering what to do in New York, go there. You'll have a totally different view on 9/11 afterwards.

    Laying off the seriousness, I can't find your interview in the Salt Lake Tribune website. I even searched your name, hoping to find something. I guess it's not posted yet. I'll keep looking :)

    So excited for you to finish your book! I'll make sure to buy it the second it's published!


  2. I forgot to mention. My very-small-avatar-you probably-can't-even-see is me standing in front of the Rockefeller Ice Rink. Yay New York!

  3. Haha yeah Utah has some pretty crazy weather...the winter is freezing cold, whereas summer is boiling hot and dry. Thing is, there are very few days in between. The shift is very abrupt.

    My chapters tend to be on the long side, but it definitely varies. I've been working on making them shorter. For instance, there are 30 chapters in the manuscript, and it's about 100,000 words, so that's 3,000-4,000 words per chapter.

    Thanks for the tip about New York! I'm going there for the Scholastic Awards Ceremony, and to meet my editor, but my parents and I will have a day to look at tourist attractions. I'll definitely put in a suggestion :). You've been to Auschwitz? Wow. I would love to visit...that must have been such a moving experience, to be in a place where such horrible things happened.

    No, the interview shouldn't be up until early next week...maybe a little longer. I did the questions, but they still have to write the article. I'll definitely post a link when it's published.

    Thanks about the book!!! It's awesome to have support. Haha hopefully you won't be the only one :).


  4. Pch. My mom fell asleep in the last fifteen minutes of a movie AGAIN. It's so anticlimactic. I'm gonna have to watch the end with her sometime tomorrow.
    My grandma does the same thing... Oh no! That means I'm next!

    Very abrupt change in weather! How nice that must be! Where I live, the change is like trudging through pudding. Or mud, to be more exact. Ours summers are steamy and the winters are snowtabulous, but we'll get about two months both ways where all it is is cold but no snow (meaning RAIN, that other kind of precipitation) or ...cold and wet (more rain). Just nasty. I'd love to have a flip-switch climate :)

    Auschwitz is kinda like chocolate - there's no way to understand it until you've tasted it. After that, the similarities end. I have another friend who visited Auschwitz on a European trip through a music organization, and when we stepped out of St. Paul's chapel, she asked me what was more impacting on me: St.Paul's or Auschwitz. I had to think about it, but I told her Auschwitz still is the coldest place I know. She thought differently. St. Paul's really impacted her. Which one is more dramatic isn't the real problem, though. It's that these places exist in the first place.

    You shouldn't be telling everyone about the interview when it isn't posted yet! You'll just confuse people. Like me.

    Here's a link to a character concept for a competition I've been working on. Wad'dya think?

    Staying awake, one movie at a time,

  5. Eh. The abrupt change is okay sometimes, but I wish we had more Spring-like days. The cold gets annoying.

    Yes, I doubt I can begin to imagine what it's like to visit Auschwitz. I've had some very close friends who are Jewish. I think it would be hard for me to visit that place, and to think of all the millions of people who died in the Holocaust. It's horrible.

    I just said I met with the reporter, not that the interview was published. Also, I only have one other follower apart from you, so it's not like there are that many people out there to confuse :). Publicity makes me a little nervous. I'm not a shy person, but it's a little nerve-racking to talk about a manuscript that I've never even discussed with my parents.

    I like your character! Very intriguing. Was the drawing done on the computer or by hand? I've never heard of that contest before, but it sounds like a fun one to enter.

    I'm watching movies too...go figure. Got to finish an art project before tomorrow morning! Stupid IB Art. I can't wait to be done with that class.


  6. The drawing was made by hand on the computer. Yeah, yeah, it sounds weird, but it is possible. I have this thing called a Wacom Intuos which allows me to draw on my computer. Basically, it's a tablet that behaves like a mouse, only the "mouse" is shaped like a pen so I can hold it and draw. I know you might think the price is outrageous for such a simple mechanism, but there are a lot of things to embellish on that makes the price rise. Besides, I haven't always had an Intuos. My first tablet cost $80 dollars. Waaay cheaper. And I buy everything I own, so I remember things like this :)

    The contest I heard of through Deviantart. They sign up for things like that, and you can only enter if you are a member of deviantart, which is, thank goodness, free. I don't enter many contests, but this one intrigued me. If I entered all the contests Deviantart supplied, I'd have no time for a real life.

    Are all the classes you take IB or AP? This is insane. It seems every class you talk about is some higher education. My school only has enough classes like that for me to fill half my schedule with stuff like that. Will all those classes, you must have a 5.0 weighted GPA! :D

    I honestly can't imagine not talking about your manuscript with even your parents! Something that you put so much time into - do they not ask you what you've been writing about? When I started writing, it wasn't like I told my parents every detail, but they saw me writing and asked about it. So I let them read it.
    Still, interviews in general are nerve-racking. I've had to do a few for my school yearbook and I always told the interviewer, "I'm not always good with words, so can you, you know, omit anything stupid I say?" There's a reason I write. It's because I can't talk very well. I may talk a lot, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it.

    It must be a bummer to have those IB classes still going. I like how in AP classes, after you take the test, you don't have anything else to do. For my AP European History class, after the test, we watched historical movies everyday. Hollywood style. It was super-de-duper fun. But I did start to get bored of the movies after a little while. I wasn't even aware that was possible...


  7. The computer program is really cool. I'm an artist, but I've never used the computer to do work before. I've heard of deviantart. I've thought about joining it, but I just haven't had the time, what with school and writing. It sounds like an awesome site. I have to buy everything as well, so I totally understand what you mean about remembering prices :).

    Haha yeah West High has a lot of AP/IB classes. This year I have AP Psychology, IB Art, AP/IB Environmental Studies, IB Math, and AP English. Other than that I have Photography, Health, and a free period. Luckily next year should be a lot easier, because I only have AP Biology and IB English. I'm not sure what my weighted GPA is. I'm hoping it's good, especially since I want to go to Stanford for college.

    My parents, relatives, and friends have always asked about my writing, but I'm such a perfectionist that I've never let anyone else read it. It drives my mom crazy. I'm going to have to get over it soon, though, since editing will definitely require input from other people. I'm just weird like that :).

    I'm the same when it comes to interviews...I'm a huge talker, but not everything that comes out of my mouth is necessarily intelligent. I'm really hoping the reporter doesn't repeat the entire interview verbatim. I definitely made some mistakes.

    Ah well. Nothing I can do about it now. I only have five days of school left, so my AP/IB classes are finally beginning to wind down. Thank I get to start on summer reading assignments. Feels like the homework never stops coming!


  8. What attracted you to Standford College? Just curious.

    Also, what summer reading do you have? I know my friends who did AP Bio had summer textbook reading, but I had AP English reading. We read The Plague by Albert Camus. That wasn't the most painful part, though. We had to write up these things called "CPR". Three for each character, we had to analyze them writing Content, Passage, and Relevance. It was quite painful. Hope you don't have any of that :)

  9. Actually, I was attracted to Stanford just from visiting the's absolutely goreous! The average temperature year round is 75 degrees and it's almost always sunny. Plus, they have frozen yogurt, and I'm a complete frozen yogurt addict. I loved the energy of the campus.

    I took AP English this year, and we had to read Crime and Punishment over the summer. This year, for IB English, we have to read Paradise of the Blind, The House of the Spirits, and Heart of Darkness. We have to answer a bunch of essay questions and make compare/contrast charts and a whole bunch of stuff. I'm really not looking forward to it.

    I don't think I have AP Bio summer fingers are crossed! :)

  10. Heart of Darkness...eeeh. Between Heart of Darkness and The Red Badge of Courage, you have my two least favorite books ever. Just. bleh. I'm hoping I didn't burst your bubble. I hope you weren't disillusioned into thinking that book would be ok. Because it won't be. Just think as negative as possible, and maybe you'll come out thinking the book wasn't as bad as you imagined. That's the safest route in my mind. But oh well. You still have to read it. Keep some humor on your side, and you'll survive :)

    As for the other books, we didn't have to read them. We probably don't even own them in our school library. Do other schools in your area have to read those books? It's curious if they do. That would mean our states have two quite different education requirements. Huh.
    Just to make sure, you haven't read The Scarlett Letter or The Joy Luck Club or Death of a Salesman or Hamlet or Oedipus the King or Frankenstein or Lord of the Flies or A Separate Peace or The Things They Carried have you? Just wondering.

    Haha. You have mentioned your love for frozen yogurt. I love ice cream in general, so I can understand you there :)
    Do you travel a lot, what with going to California? Or was that a one time thing?

  11. Yeah I'm not looking forward to reading Heart of Darkness. I guess I'll just have to stick it out. I know schools in different states read different books, but I did read The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, A Separate Peace, and Lord of the Flies (the last two I read in middle school). A Separate Peace is probably one of my least favorite books of all time.

    I don't travel a whole lot, but I do go to California twice a year because my mom's family lives out there. She was one of eleven children, so I have a ton of aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives. That's another upside to Stanford: I'd get to be around my extended family more often, which would be great since I absolutely adore my cousins :).

  12. wow,you don't get comments in your comments, you get blogs!

    Ugh,I hate snow. I lived in Utah for 7 or 8 years. Yuck. So happy to be somwhere warmer.