Saturday, May 15, 2010

Events of the Week.

1. Frostbite. Yes, I got frostbite....reffing a soccer game, of all things. Every Saturday my friend Coco and I get up early to ref the U11/U12 girls. It was raining, and we had to hang around after the games to take down the goals and nets. My feet were soaked. When I got home, I stood in a hot shower until all the water ran out, in a fruitless attempt to thaw my frozen toes. I ended up having a day of "bed rest" to allow my frost-bitten feet to regain feeling. Still can't curl my toes all the way.

2. Horrible, horrible experience with medication for Kenya. The first night, I took two pills, as instructed, and ended up vomiting for twelve straight hours. I missed my AP Psychology test and couldn't eat all day. A few days later I tried for a second time, reducing my intake to one pill. Once again, I spent the night throwing up every half hour, then had to drag myself out of bed at seven to go to work. I'm still a little shaky. Apparently my body doesn't metabolize this particular medication very well.

3. Interview with the Salt Lake Tribune. Next week I'll be meeting with a newspaper reporter, who's doing a story in the Close Up section about my novel and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. I'm super nervous! Publicity is something entirely new for me, and I'm not exactly sure how to act, especially since they'll be taking photos. What do I wear? What do I say? How does this whole newspaper thing even work?

4. I've been in touch with my editor, Jody Corbett. I'm sending her the completed manuscript at the end of the month. I'm very excited to work with her! This is an amazing opportunity, and I'm hoping I'll be able to launch a career with this novel, or at least pay my way through the first year of college.

5. Yesterday, I went to a total of 1 class (out of 4). I know what you're thinking: Kate, you're such a slacker! Thing is, my first three classes are AP/IB, and since we've already taken all our tests most teachers don't care whether or not we show up. In the immortal words of Ms. King: "I'm not going to be here tomorrow, and I'm not getting a sub to babysit you all. If you still want to come to class, then you can go sit in Ms. Anderson's room down the hall." Instead, I went and sat as Reservoir Park with Chloe and Ella, where we proceeded to play on the playground, throw woodchips at each other, and take pictures on top of the plastic dinosaur. Most productive school day of the year so far. :)

That's all for now.



  1. Hello Kate,
    Not to be a creeper at all, but I saw you are a gold medalist in the novel category for scholastic (keep your heart rate down ;) ). I googled you, and lo' and behold! A blog! Isn't that neato?
    Just want to say, I envy you. That you did the work and finished a novel, that you knew about the competition and submitted it... and won! It's so amazing. It's a great story to tell the rest of your life :)
    So, here's the reason I'm writing to you. (Possibly should have started with this >.> )Yesterday, by a strange alien chance, I heard of the scholastic competition, and I had had had to find the writers. I, too, write, and I was trying to find examples of the novel medalists. I freaked when I saw that they had a novel section! Nearly no writing competitions have that! It's always short stories and poems, which I do not specialize in (seriously, a story that's short? Whose idea is that?).
    So, now you know I'm not a creeper but a genuine person, I'm very curious about your story. I don't know what you can say or talk about now that it's in that esoteric stage of editing, but let's start long have you been writing? Reading (and enjoying it)? What do you like to read? (I saw some of the authors you've met. Would'a been so cool to meet Shannon Hale!) How many words was your manuscript when you sent it in? How long had you been working on it? Do you know what college you're going to? What's your major? Have you ever written another story out?
    That's all I can think of for now. But I suppose it would be fair for me to answer before I ask you to do the same, so, OK.
    I have been writing since 7th grade. I have been reading (and enjoying it) since 6th grade. I like to read fantasy, action/adventure, romance, science fiction, and I'm picky about realistic fiction. My present manuscript is 75,000. I have one other that stopped at 60,000. I have a childrens book that I have finished and illustrated and am editing before I solicit a publisher. I'm going to Wheaton College in IL for an English major with a creative writing emphasis. Hooray!

    Nice to meet you


  2. Hi Allison,

    First off, it's not at all creepy! I definitely googled last year's winners when I first entered the contest, so no worries. :)

    I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. In general I enjoy fantasy, as well as select sci-fi, romance, and realistic fiction. I wrote my first novel when I was eight years old (pretty much an exact copy of Lord of the Rings, but with ten year-old girls instead of fifty year-old men). Since then I've completed three additional novels, with The Hamsa's Song being the fifth (I completely understand about short stories, by the way. It's beyond me how anybody can fit a story into such a small amount of space). I began the manuscript back in January. When I entered the Scholastic Awards it was around 60,000 words, but, as you might have read, you're only allowed to submit the first 50 pages and a synopsis outlining all major plot points. At the moment the manuscript is 97,000 words, with a projected length of around 120,000, although I'm sure some of that will get cut during the editing process.

    I'm a junior in high school, so college is yet to be determined. I'm hoping I'll get into Stanford, but the acceptance rate is really low, so I've been looking at other schools across California. My career goal is a novelist, obviously, but I was thinking I'd major in Anthropology with a minor in Creative Writing. I'm trying to be realistic about how much money I'll make as an author, so it's good to have a backup career in case I can't support myself.

    Anyways, I would love to talk more about writing! Most of the aspiring authors I know are well out of college, so it's exciting to meet a writer close to my age (I'm assuming you are, if you were looking up the awards).

    Nice to meet you!


    P.S. Sorry if my last few posts were somewhat writing tends to suffer when I'm overly excited.

  3. Wow! Five finished novels! That's amazing!
    I feel like a mutt on the road, now. But I also feel excited, knowing someone else so young can and has done what I'm also doing - finishing a novel.(Yes, I am your age-ish. I'm a senior, but still 17. Ugh. But graduating!!!)
    I'm so curious. What first made you write? For me, it was out of pure boredom. I'd sit in class at school, already having finished all my homework, or listening to the teacher talk about something I'd already perfected. I started coming home crying because I was so bored; just think, spending 7 hours a day doing nothing fulfilling. It would make anyone cry. Anywho. After I found that I liked to read (a small digression of its own), I took the stories that I admired and adapted them. Of course, I never wrote these down because...well, I didn't have an exact reason. But the first story I did write down was original :) Again, I don't know why I didn't think to finish that one. At one point, I just started writing another. That one is my other 60,000 word manuscript.
    I write because I love to, but I can't always get myself to do so. It's weird, like this love/hate relationship. I've been writing everyday for about two weeks now, but generally it's on and off. Do you do that? Do you have to make yourself write sometimes? How do you do so? Or here's this: how long has it taken you to finish your other manuscripts? How did you amass your knowledge of the Asian culture, myths, etc.? Did someone teach you? What have your other books been about? (I looked up the word Hamsa and also read your other blogs. This is where I derive my information from. Correct me if I've misunderstood something :) )
    I also want to say how AMAZING it is to look back in your blog, see you writing about wanting to be a novelist, how book #5 is the chosen one, how you were sending things in to publishers and then the scholastic competition. It's like you were self-prophesied. Kinda cool :)
    What do your friends think of your writing? Do many know about it? Do you ever talk with them about it? I'm sure they're plenty aware of your award, but I have difficulty talking with my friends about my passion because it's like an inside joke - only I know about it.
    One more thing. I promise. I'm dying to read an excerpt of something you written. If I can, I want to hear what scholastic loved so much. You don't have to send me one of your book excerpts even, but if you have something, I'd love to see it!
    You can look up my stuff at:
    Yes. That's my art in the page. I like to draw :) (my art is at Also, a precaution, first chapters always suck. I don't edit as I go along, so I know that there is some bad, stupid stuff in there.


  4. I'm not exactly sure why I first started writing. I guess it's so much a part of me, I never stopped to wonder how it began. I've been creating stories for as long as I can remember. In terms of novels, I think my original motivation came from reading Lord of the Rings with my mom, around the age of seven. My first few attempts were pretty derivative of other books I'd read. It's only in the past three years, when I really became serious about writing, that I've begun to explore my own voice/style.

    I love to write, but, just as you've described, there are days when I have to force myself to sit down and start typing. Sometimes it's very difficult to get motivated. I try to do 1,000 words a day, which usually ends up at about four pages double spaced, and I give myself a reward when I reach my goal (usually something food-related). My last two novels have taken four months each to complete, but the previous often spanned several years of work.

    I've always been fascinated by exotic cultures, particularly China, Japan, India, and tribal Africa, but for some reason I never thought about using them in my stories. When I first started writing, my work was based on typical Western European mythology, with creatures such as dragons, elves, dwarves, etc. Last summer it occurred to me that I had rarely seen fantasy books based on non-Western cultures, and seemed only natural that I should write from a different cultural perspective. The Hamsa's Song is strongly based on Indian and Hindu traditions. I did a huge amount of research beforehand, mostly through books and the internet, although I also rented a number of documentaries on India's indigenous tribes. I think these were especially helpful, because I was able to more thoroughly experience tribal life, and it provided a visual context for my descriptions of architecture/landscape. There is so much to explore in the fantasy genre. I really wanted to branch out, to dig deeper into more obscure mythology, rather than stick to the formulaic fantasy world based off Tolkien's work.

    My friends know about my writing and the awards, but I don't think they fully grasp the magnitude of what publication means. They are incredibly supportive, and they're obviously excited that Scholastic is interested in my work, but they don't understand the ambition that drives a novelist. It's difficult to try to explain it to them, because only writers can really comprehend the dedication and passion it takes to complete a book-length manuscript. For that reason I tend to keep my writing to myself.

    It's possible I might post some of my work soon. I'm really, really protective of my writing, and up until this point the only people who have read ANY of my manuscripts are the editors at Scholastic and Tu Publishing. I'm trying to get over it. I know I'm going to have to put it out there sooner or later, so I'm working up the nerve to post an excerpt. Bear with me. :)

    Great to hear from you!


    PS. I totally understand about the whole first chapter thing....they're the hardest to get right. :)

  5. I'm so embarrassed now. To ask you to post something so dear; I shouldn't have done that. I know that most authors are protective of their work, for whatever reasons, plagiarism, the work being unfinished, whatever reason. I'm the oddball. I may not show everyone my work, but I suppose my desire for affirmation makes me more flexible with doing so to a selected group. Don't feel any pressure from me. I'm the undaunted curious one.

    I know what you mean when you say you reward yourself for writing. My goal stems at 800 words, something I do a lot so I know I'm not overreaching. I love love love food. Way too much. Ice cream or donuts are my weakest link. I like raisonets with popcorn. I love Mexican, and I love to go to Mexican restaurants and talk to the waiters in Spanish. I love fetticini alfredo, but I hate pastas with tomato sauce (yes, even spaghetti and pizza. I know pizza's not a pasta! :D ). My weird likes are mangoes, coconut, and mushrooms (not together!), and my weird dislikes are coffee, toffee, and cheesecake. Let's bond over food!!!

    But seriously, my reward for reaching my goal is a good night's sleep. Honest. Not that I don't sleep well when I don't write, but I feel like I did something really important, really meaningful and I fall asleep quickly (something difficult for me. I generally fall asleep after an hour lying in bed). Then, the next day, it's easier for me to write because I feel like I'm not behind, like I can't be stopped. Do you feel like that? My reward is very intrinsic, as if my body is thanking me itself.

    Why do you think that your last two books didn't take as long to write? I've often wondered this, if it'll take me so long to write every one of my books. I hope not. Right now, I'm at a year period on my present book. I've noticed a trend for other authors to finish their first book in a year or two, and the sequels or other books they finish in months. I supposed this is because they have learned so much from the first writing experience that its not so much blubbering about and more direct. But you have the finishing-a-book experience. You tell me.

    One more thing. Do your English teachers treat you like a god? I have the opposite issue. I keep getting depressed because there are other students not going into an English major whose writing the English teachers prefer. Like, seriously! Is the world unfair or what? I continuously tell myself it's not others liking my writing that counts but myself liking my writing.And my passion for it. (Still hard to digest because of, again, my desire for affirmation. Darn you, self!) Hope that counts enough in the end :)

    Happy writing :)


  6. Oh don't even worry about it, I'm just incredibly paranoid. Guess I'm sort of the opposite of you, always worried my writing won't live up to expectations, so I tend to hide it away rather than present it for critique.

    Food! Now that's something I can bond over! I absolutely love fetticini alfredo (probably spelled that wrong), pizza, ice cream, donuts, cheese cake, and Mexican food, especially bean and cheese burritos. Like you, I hate pasta with red sauce. Basically, I'm one of those tiny, skinny people who can eat enormous quantities of food and not gain a pound. One of the advantages of being an athlete. :)

    I rarely get enough sleep these days. As an IB student my homework load gets pretty heavy, and writing/soccer/friends sucks a lot of time out of my life. When I do get to bed, I'm out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow. Makes writing hard sometimes. I've gotten good at surviving off large quantities of caffeine, and sleeping here and there whenever I get the chance.

    I think one of the main reasons debut authors finish their second books faster is they now have a deadline. For the first book, they're basically writing on their own time, motivated by intrinsic goals. For the second book, however, agents/editors are looking for more material, and they have an obligation to work faster than before. The real reason my manuscripts have been completed so quickly is that I've been very diligent about my self-imposed schedule. If I don't finish my 1,000 words, I have to write extra the next day. Sounds sort of like torture, I know, but it's been very effective in helping me focus my efforts. Also, I think it's definitely true that you learn from your first experience writing a novel. With each manuscript it gets easier to streamline your work and cut unnecessary material before it's even written.

    That sucks about your English teacher! Mine was really excited about the award (she announced it to the class, despite my protests) and it definitely reflects well on her as a teacher. I like her a lot, and she's been very supportive of my writing, but she's not cutting me any slack in terms of the class itself. I still have to do all the work and take all the quizzes in order to get an A. I'm fortunate to have Mrs. Thompson, but you're absolutely right, passion is what matters in the end, in spite of what your teacher thinks. Even if someone's a good writer, they'll never be an author if they don't put the time/work in.

    Anyways, hope you are having a wonderful week!


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  8. Hello Katie,

    Congrats on winning the competition.
    You're probably wondering why the crap is your class mate posting on your blog. (Not meant to be creepy) But as you know, Mrs. T announced to the class about your book, and I got curious.

    So I looked up the contest and I came across your blog. (again not meant to scare you)

    I thought the fact that you published your own book was inspiring and amazing. It made me think of why I never wrote that one book that I wanted to write with all the ideas I had in my head. I lacked the great amount of motivation you had to write, and for that I'm greatly jealous. I've always wanted to do things with the ideas that came across my mind, but I never got to them.( Note that my English tends to suck bad, I'm not too good when it comes to grammar)

    Gonna keep this simple is the passage I just typed didn't make sense at all: You're inspiring, Congrats on the competition, I'm trying my best to not sound like one of those weird peeps that sit in the corner and haunt people.

    Shouldn't be saying good luck considering you got where you are without luck, but it adds a nice jingle to the end of a post, soooo...

    Good Luck with you're writing career.(Note: sorta new this whole blog thing, so my bad if something screws up)


  9. Last day of school today! I had two hours of class (supposed to be exams, but I already finished both of them. My senior project done for 1st hour and a finished online class 2nd hour), then I ran out of school screaming. Hoorah! Now, I just need someone to hire me...

    As for gaining weight, I will gain pounds, so I just have to be judicious. (And exercise accordingly. I'm an ex-gymnast and almost-blackbelt in tae kwon do). Though, sitting next to some of my friends, I feel like a pig. They'll eat the same meals over and over again, the same plain chicken and ketchup, and i'm like, well, not eating chicken and ketchup. Pasta, ice cream, mexican, toppings. Do not feed me that naked chicken! Think of its pride!

    My school doesn't offer IB, but it does offer AP, and i skipped two grades in math. (you know, when i was still in school!) I like the perks of IB better. Oh well.

    Do you have a normal time you write, or is it always here and there? I had been writing every 2nd hour at school because I'd finished my online class. That's pretty much the best it can get at school! Writing instead of working. I can't imagine how much better writing for a living would be! I get light-headed at the thought. :) I then write when I get home, or after other activities, usually church related.

    Here's the thing about my sleeping life. The doctors say I'm anemic, which is affecting how much rest I absorb when I sleep, but then I can't fall asleep at night, so the doctors say it's because of anxiety (and yes, it does pose a problem when you can't shut off your mind), so I take melatonin to help tell my body to go night-night. With all that, I have shortened my falling asleep time from taking 2+ hours (no joke! I should just write during this time!) to around an hour. But like I mentioned before, if I write and finish a goal or a chapter or something, I generally fall asleep quickly. I don't question this. I just do the writing.

    It seems from authors' blogs that editors can be quite demanding. They're like a love/hate relationship. You love them for kicking your butt into gear, but you hate them for the stress. If only they'd disappear...but then where would you be? Is your editor like that? Have you met in person with him/her? And you must update your blog after you've gone through with your interview. When is that exactly?

    So here's the thing. I had a question for you, but now I can't remember exactly what it was. Naturally, it was about writing. Beyond that, I have no clue. I could have been something like, "How many notebooks have you filled with writing," or "Can/Do you listen to music when you write," but I know it isn't either of those. So you can answer the questions, but I'm still bothered that I can't remember.

    Feel free to ask me questions, too! I feel like a freaking interrogator. I guess that's my fault, but we'll ignore that.

    I'm off to read James Patterson's second book in the Maximum Ride series! Hoorah!


  10. @ Kent: Not creepy at all! Thanks so much for the comment. I think it's awesome that you have all those ideas! It's definitely hard to get motivated sometimes, but writing can be fun if practiced in moderation :). I was way embarrassed when Thompson announced it, but I guess it's alright that she did, since people would have found out eventually. Anyways, thanks again! :)

    @Allison: Ex-gymnast! Me too! These days I play competitive soccer. I'm jealous that you're out of school...I have to hold out until June 4. Can't wait!!!

    I usually write in the evenings, after I get home from school/hanging out with friends. It really depends on the day. I have a couple free periods at school, so sometimes I write then, but I tend to get distracted by other people being around. As for the editing process, I'm not sure what it's going to be like. My manuscript will be finished by the end of school, so I won't get any feedback until then, at which point I'm assuming I'll receive some sort of revision letter. I've only talked to my editor by email so far. I live in Utah and she lives in New York, but I'm hoping I'll get a chance to meet her at the awards ceremony in June. I'll definitely post updates when I get the chance. I did an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper yesterday, plus a photo shoot....I'm going to try to link it to my blog when the article is published, but I'm somewhat technologically challenged, so there's no guarantee it'll work. :)

    Haha. I hate it when you forget what you were going to ask. I don't usually write in notebooks, so I can't say I've filled any, and I do occasionally listen to music when I write. It sort of depends on my mood. What about you? Do you listen to music? I'm a huge multi-tasker, and I've even been known to watch TV while working. Probably not the most productive of habits. :)

    Anyways, it's late, and I should probably go study for the two AP tests I have tomorrow morning. Talk to you soon!


  11. Hope those AP tests went well! I'm guessing you've already taken them since I'm writing this on Saturday. What classes were they for? My junior year I took three AP tests, and that about killed me with all the studying and other things going on. I can't believe you took two test in a day! Talk about tiring :)
    Any other AP tests?

    You can't be too technologically challenged. I mean, if you type everything you write, you at least know how to use one program. Plus, you keep a blog! What a big leap ;) Can't wait to see the results of the interview! I'm sure that the whole article will be chalked full of nothing but praise for you. And you'll have to add in your side of the experience. Anything I know about interviews come from the movies, and we all know how accurate Hollywood can be. (Seriously! How many novels have they ruined so far...) I'm determined that if I ever become cool enough for Hollywood to solicit me the rights to a book of mine, they'll have to sign to some pretty strict regulations. It's practically nauseating what they've done to some books...

    I have to admit, I'm surprised that you don't usually write in notebooks. Is this including when you were 8? I wrote on paper until my house had enough computers for me to be able to type. Now I have my own laptop, and I write on that, but I still carry around notebooks for convenience. Stinkin' batteries... I'm so spoiled now. I get in a fuss when I have to type out what I've handwritten. The one plus to doing so is that you can edit as you go, but I end up changing so much either way that it doesn't add up to much.

    I rarely rarely rarely write with music. For example, I was listening to music when I started writing this, and about a paragraph in, I realized I was writing really slow. I had to turn off the music. If my mind is having a hard time focusing, I'll let music play just so the distraction is less distracting than actually thinking about other things... does that make sense? Music doesn't put me in moods or anything, which I've heard some authors say is why they listen to music. As for watching TV: never. I'm a pretty linear thinkin' gal.

    What's your reason for quitting gymnastics? Mine was that I didn't want to compete. I wasn't the youngest to compete in the group, but in my mind, I was too young for that kind of stress. I make enough of that on my own. So, I switched to tae kwon do. It's actually amazing looking back on how that happened exactly. The smoothness of the transition make it look almost like a plot, all these little things pulling together to make something happen.
    Basically, I met a boy in one of my classes. This was seventh grade (everything happened in this year!), and I'd developed a bit of an attitude. He was showing off how he could do the splits one day (in class. kinda funny), so I did the splits, too. We bonded over flexibility.
    I wish that's how it happened. Here's the truth. I did the splits, too, because he and I never got along. I had to prove to him he wasn't special, which he didn't like. Next week, the teacher reassigned seats. (See? That plot twist. The foreshadowing is thick in the air) I was placed behind him. We continuously badgered each other, saying what we could do. He did tae kwon do. I did gymnastics. He could kick, I could swing. He could punch, I could flip. I realized during all our conversations, that we had the same root abilities, but I would never admit that aloud. He must've realized our similarities as well, because we eventually became friends. So when I decided to stop gymnastics at the end of the year, I knew what I could do that was very similar and I would love.

    I know you didn't ask for a story, but there. You got one.

    I'm going to another good friend's house for her Grad Party now. TTYL


    P.S. What type of music do you like? Could you give me a top ten?

  12. I took AP English. I was supposed to take AP Psychology, but I bailed at the last minute because my hand was cramping too badly to write. My IB Math test was earlier in the week.

    Haha I really do have trouble with computers. I can type and blog and other basic stuff, but attaching a link to a page is beyond my present capabilities. I'm nervous about the interview! Haha I doubt they'll extol my talents....I mean, I can't be all that different from the other young writers out there! I'll probably blog about the interview once it's posted online. Basically I talked to the reporter for 45 minutes by phone, then they sent a photographer to my house to take pictures.

    Yes, even at age 8 I wrote on a computer. In fact, that's probably why I passed my typing classes in elementary school. It's just so much neater, and I enjoy being able to format/insert things into the manuscript without the trouble of erasing. I do write occasionally on blank pages at school, then type them up when I get home, but for the most part I stick to my new netbook. It's more convenient.

    Gymnastics was my life. For years I trained several days a week, with increasing rigor and dedication, having joined the competitive team at the age of nine. At first I loved it. As time went on, however, the strenuous workouts got to me, and I started to wish I didn't have to practice every day. In addition, almost all the girls on the team were a lot older than me. It made it difficult to have friends. In the end I was completely burnt out, and I quit gymnastics in favor of soccer, which I absolutely love. Soccer is more of a team sport. Gymnastics is great, though, and sometimes I wish I hadn't quit, because I think I could have been really good. I'm not at the level I once was, but I can still do back-handsprings and stuff like that.

    Ah, music. Thing is, I'm not all that picky about what I listen to, because I enjoy everything. I've never had a favorite band or favorite singer. Usually I try to mix up a bit of everything: Coldplay, some rap/hip-hop, alternative, even the soundtrack of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I'm a complete Buffy junkie, I admit it....absolutely AMAZING character development in that show). Pretty much changes each time, depending on my mood. The music sort of blends into the background as I write anyway.

    Seven more days of school!



    P.S. You should become a follower on my blog....that way the website will notify me when you post a comment :)

  13. This is so funny!
    Here's the story.
    My English teacher had surgery on his back this fall, so my class had this long-term substitute. She was out of college with a degree in education, but she hadn't had a job yet. She minored in poetry, so we did our poetry section in the fall instead of the spring, where it normally is. Here's the thing. The sub LOVED Buffy. Her first day, while telling about herself, she told us that she was a buffy fan. And a week later, while going over a poem, she related it to buffy. It was quite amusing. She also said it was a great show and was deep with good character development. I felt like I had just had deja vu when I read that you liked buffy. Guess it's true what you guys are saying :)
    As for me, my mom didn't like the vampire theme of Buffy, so I couldn't watch it. She also didn't like Batman, being dark and everything. I still watched it *cough* I was actually quite a nerdy girl and still am. I like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (freakin' long title...) and anime shows. I loved pokemon as a kid (but seriously, who didn't? Don't tell me you didn't!), and I collected the cards. Even played the card game, which you have to admit, was really good for little kids. You learned strategy and all kinds of useful intelligence things. No, I don't like Yugioh, but I do love the old school Dragonball shows. And Sailor Moon. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

    My geekiness gets worse. I play video games. Not hard core, but I do enjoy them. I haven't bought a game in a really really long time, and I went a good two years without playing. Then, last summer, I pulled out my DS and started again. Kinda weird...

    So, there you go. Your obsession with Buffy looks completely normal after all that :)

    I can't believe that you typed at age 8!!! My mom had this CD game that I played on the computer to help me learn how to type, but I hated it. She would force me to practice each week. I loathed typing almost as much as reading. I had to read 30 minutes a day. My mom even put me on a timer. Don't tell her this, but you know how you can push a wind up timer faster? Yeah. I did that.

    My mom admitted to me recently that she put me in gymnastics because I was looking chubby, and she wanted me to exercise. It's kinda funny. I don't remember thinking myself fat or even examining myself at that age. I kinda miss that naivette. Just enjoying life and not worrying about clothes or weight or makeup.
    I enjoyed gymnastics well enough. Sometimes I still I'll get pangs of sorrow over quitting gymnastics. I'm still very flexible, which is about my only merit in sports. I'm not the last kid picked on teams, but I should be. I think people just pity me too much. I have terrible eye-hand coordination, so any games with balls in it are not good for me. Surprisingly, I can spar quite well. It must have something to do with a ball flying through the air and a leg that's attached to something. Oh well. I'll stick to what I'm good at.

  14. Did you know that there's a word limit to these comments? Well, I met it. Here's part 2.

    I took AP Psychology as an online course this year. So...many...bad....memories. That was low time in my life. I don't know if it was the online part (I don't think so. I was acing my astronomy online class), the one semester part, or WHAT, but that class nearly killed me. Death was knocking on my door for a little while. Or my GPA's door. One and the same. I staked out 'til halfway through the semester, and then began beseeching the administration. I thought this out for a long time. I didn't want to seem like a quitter, just stopping when things got bad, but I decided that if they thought I was a quitter, they were wrong. I was a survivor. After that, it didn't matter. I put together this huge thing on why they should do something about the class. I gathered my studying material, talked to my other AP teachers, put together logical, factual information to back my tearful, blubbering request. I checked, and in one unit (of 5), I had to read and know 200 pages worth of knowledge. I then needed to know everything from the websites they gave me. I checked with my AP European History teacher, and they read, in one semester, around 200 pages. Crazy. That's one of the facts that I still think of. That class was insane. Absolutely, clinically, insane. I hope your class was much better :)

    My school's AP tests were around 2 weeks ago. Weird.

    My music tastes also have great breadth. I tell people, "I like everything but rap, heavy metal, and country." That's sums it up. But I do have favorites. My favorite composer is Yoko Kanno. My favorite classical singer is Josh Groban. My favorite Christian bands are Leeland and The Newsboys. My favorite jazz singer is Frank Sinatra (yeah, not very original there, but he IS amazing). Here's one thing I don't have favorites in: musicals. I love musicals! I've been in three of the four we've had at my high school. I've also been in choir all four years. I skipped a choir level my sophomore year and was at top level choir this year. (Just the facts...who says I'm boasting?) I won't bother you with all the musicals I love. I practically love them all.

    If you're ever bored, here's some music you might never have heard of:
    Peter Buffet. Kinda like Owl City. But not.
    Tokio Hotel. German band. But they have an English translated CD, too. (The English version was made years later when the lead singer had grown up, so the song are played in different keys to fit the singer's puberty-ified voice.)
    Imogen Heap. Also, she had an older record under the name Frou Frou.
    Yoko Kanno. Already mentioned. Look up her soundtracks to Wolf's Rain or Ghost in the Shell or The Vision of Escaflowne if you want more orchestral songs. All. Are. Gorgeous.
    Britt Nicole. Especially her song "Holiday." I made a dance to that ;D
    Lastly, Muse. You might know them. Their songs have been used in the Twilight movies (ack. Twilight).

    Yay. Lists. I love making those when I'm bored.

    I don't know if you noticed by my writing, but I'm a little hyped. I think there was something in that cake at the party...

    Yay for almost done/ am done with school!


  15. Haha I LOVE Buffy. You should try it, it's really an amazing show. I didn't have a video game machine, so I never played them, and I was never into the whole Pokemon/anime fad (although I do love the Hayako Miyazaki films). Funny about the timer! I generally read of my own free will, so my mom never did anything like that.

    I'm a pretty athletic person. I love sports, especially soccer, and I tend to catch on pretty quickly to new games. As a child I wasn't fat, but I wasn't thin either. It's only in the past few years that I've gotten really skinny. Guess it's just one of those things.

    I hate AP, but it's really nice after the tests because class is really easy. I'm so glad it's all over. 6 more days until summer!!! Thanks for the music suggestions, by the way. I'm always looking for new stuff. I'll have to check it out :).

    Hope the writing is going well!!!